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Yorumu gönderen: Rapunzell, 02.07.2013, 13:30 (UTC):
thanks Chania for you great comment! Looks like the Cross is wnining this one!ChirpyBird, I'm a bit rustic too. I would need to mess things up a bit.Christine, I'll let Millennium Waters know you are ready to move in

Yorumu gönderen: Beqa, 30.06.2013, 18:55 (UTC):
We use Game Maker a lot in our curriculum, which has been fnasattic for teaching control and motivating students. We also look at scratch for a few weeks. I'm a secondary school teacher, but we teach game maker to year 7s so years 5/6 should still be ok with many of the basic concepts. I can probably send you an example of what some year 7s have produced if it's useful?I'm not sure if it's relevant, but we also teach HTML from year 9 up, followed by VBA, PHP & SQL and Unreal Tournament.

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